Unseasoned Firewood – Trailer


Unseasoned hardwood logs

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Trailer load of unseasoned hardwood logs approx. 30cm in length.

The trailer capacity is approx. 1 cubic yard (0.765m3) which equates to the most commonly used ‘tonne’ builders bag that most firewood suppliers use.

Logs are mainly ash and hawthorn but deliveries may also include smaller quantities of hazel, sycamore, birch and oak.  Unseasoned logs require 6 to 12 months to season (moisture content to reduce below 20%) before they’re ready to burn. Seasoned firewood that’s air dried for at least 1 year and ready to burn is also usually available.

Kerbside delivery is free within a 10 mile radius of Penarth. If you’re slightly further afield, ask for a delivery quote before placing an order.

All timber products are sustainably sourced from thinnings or wind blown trees in my own broadleaf woodland.



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